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 Quality Pink Crystal Sun Stone Natural Stone Bracelet For Women Men Manufacturer | Kirin Jewelry    

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    Jewelry Accessories
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    925 silver jewelry, gold jewelry, brass jewelry, fine jewelry, fashion jewelry
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    201~1000 people
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    European Union,Others
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Company Profile
Manufacturing Responsibly
Kirin Jewelry Company was built in 2006, it includes two offices, one is in Zhuhai, and another one is in Hong Kong, and four production buildings with 650 craftsmen. Our monthly capacity is 700000 pieces, and 600 new designs arrive for clients’ selection. Our materials and stones are
ethically sourced. We are grateful for all our clients around the world, who continuously inspire and motivate us to create consciously.

We love to welcome you to visit us for a factory tour and to view our vast sample line. Whenever possible, our owner Lion & Lily will personally take you on an amazing journey through our jewelry factory. They will tell you how it all started, our people, our strengths, our commitments, etc…. See it with your eyes that we are a truly passionate, responsible jewelry company.

Email us for a factory visit, or set up a video call first to get to know more about us in person.

Behind every piece of jewelry from Kirin Jewelry are our passionate and dedicated jewelry artisans in China. Our skilled craftsmen handle everything from mold making, stone setting, and polishing every single piece to perfection by hand. We are proud to support our local artisans and to preserve Chinese jewelry expertise passed down through generations.

Our staff are our family. We take care of each other, and we challenge each other to continue to grow. Today, we are more committed and dedicated in providing a safe space for our employees and committed to global ethical trade standards. Together, we responsibly deliver you beautiful and quality pieces of handmade jewelry.

Social audits are conducted at Kirin Jewelry each year. We strongly believe in practicing fair treatment, adhering to health and safety compliance, fair working hours, fair wages and also efficiently use of resources to protect environmental performance.

Our clients include demi-fine jewelry brands with strong social media presence, online stores, television shopping networks, retail jewelry chain stores, private labels, fashion accessory stores, lifestyle and concept stores, luxury handbag brands and watch brands, and many more…
Whether you are looking to start your jewelry brand or looking to expand your product range with jewelry, just drop us an email or chat with us. You’ll be surprised that this is where it all started for many of our clients and their successful brands.

Kirin Jewelry is a family-run business, handcrafting gold, sterling silver, and brass jewelries in China for over 26 years. We truly believe in preserving our local artisan skills and finding the right balance to innovate with new technologies in jewelry production. Kirin Jewelry has evolved from a traditional OEM jewelry factory to a design-driven, fashion-forward, responsible demi-fine jewelry company.


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Our skilled craftsmen handle everything from mold making, stone setting, and polishing every single piece to perfection by hand. 

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